Thoughts on National Running Day 2014

This is my third year of celebrating National Running Day. The first year, I did so by running in Schenley Park; last year, I quietly did my usual Frick Park run.

This year, I ran in Frick Park again, a shorter run, because I took such a long break from running since last October, and only recently returned to regular running.

Luna Venado Sandals

Since it was a shorter run of just 3 miles, I wore my thin Luna Venado Sandals (only 7 mm thick) instead of the Luna Mono Sandals that I wore on last year’s run.

Luna Venado Sandals

Luna Venado Sandals


I’m grateful that I have returned to running after many months off. It’s good for my body and most of all, my mind, actually.

I’m grateful that I have no excuse to go out since I live so close to Frick Park.

I’m grateful that running is one of those things that (assuming your legs and feet are doing OK) you can do as slowly or as easily as you need or want to. I’m just ramping up slowly right now, and feel no anxiety about what level of fitness I’m at now. If I get tired, I can always walk, no shame. It’s all good.

Do you run? Do you make it a ritual, as apparently I have, of taking time out periodically to reflect on what running means to you?

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