My no-cookie rule: a photo update

Two weeks ago I vowed never to eat a cookie again, unless I took a photo of it and posted it.

I was at a party tonight, and originally saw no cookies, so I thought I was safe.

I was wrong. After hours of eating a lot of pretty good food, I saw that cookies were brought out and place next to the coffee in back. I paused, remembering my promise, but then thought, “what the heck”, and “carefully” chose just two cookies, photographed them, and ate them.




My first observation was that it was actually not so easy to choose two cookies to take. Visually, on close inspection, I did not actually believe that any of the cookies were really going to be so tasty. In fact, the more deliberate I was, the more I visualized that these things as assembled sugar, fat, and wheat bombs serving no useful purpose for my body.

I could have just stopped there, and chosen not to take any cookies, but habit or curiosity caused me to take two anyway.

It turned out that I didn’t really enjoy the cookies. They weren’t so good. Also, they seemed much bigger when I started eating them, in that I had enough and wanted to stop but felt like I should finish what I started.

Then I proceeded to feel bloated and sleepy. I went home really thinking about the stupid thing that I did, and the fact that I was going to have to write about my experience.


I suspect that I will eventually break my habit of eating cookies at social occasions where they present themselves. I had a really bad experience tonight. Because I documented it, I will remember it.

(Update of 2014-01-31)

Check out what happened two days later.

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