A system for quitting eating cookies?

I decided last night, after eating too many cookies at the Steel City Ukuleles meetup, that I have to stop eating cookies. I cannot justify them on the grounds of health (and how crappy I sometimes feel after eating them).

Steel City Ukuleles after new year party

My “creative” idea that I shared with Abby: I will never eat a cookie again in my life unless I take a photo of it.

In other words, the cookie has somehow appeal to me so much that I bother to pause, deliberately take a photo, and risk social embarrassment (and better yet, explain my system to people so they know I’m not supposed to eat cookies).

Also, I must post publicly any cookie that I eat.

We’ll see how well this system works. I can sense cookie opportunities coming up already!

(Update of 2014-01-29)

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