First time in my life not eating cookies or cake at a party

I was at a birthday party. There were cookies of various varieties around. Also, there was a birthday cake. I did not eat the cookies or the cake.

I have to say this was a first for me. Usually, my rule at parties is “anything goes”. But it was time to admit that this rule caused many problems. If I load up on junk food at a party, I end up feeling crappy afterwards: maybe bloated, maybe sleepy, but in any case, I end up being a worse guest to be around. And after going home I don’t feel well either.

This is exactly what happened to me just two days ago at a party where I ate two cookies unnecessarily.

Good food to drive out the bad

There was plenty of good, healthy food at the party: the hosts provided great appetizers and entrees, and guests made and brought in delicious contributions also. There was no reason to pig out on the junk.

For example, a salad Abby assembled when we arrived at the party:


My job is not yet done. It turns out that at the party, although I mostly ate healthy food, I also ate pita chips and similar bready items along with hummus that left me not feeling optimal.

So I’m extending my rule to these bready chip things also. Note that I have not yet banned potato chips or corn tortilla chips!

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