Only one easy rep of the Cathedral of Learning stair climb

Team Ferlee met up yet again for a Cathedral of Learning stair climb workout.

I originally had not planned to even attend this time, for more than one reason:

But I missed not having seen the team since last week, when I crazily did four reps. I decided to show up briefly just to say hello before rushing off to the recorder society meeting.

Instead, I couldn’t help myself, and ended up doing one leisurely rep before leaving.

That was actually probably a good thing to have done, because I left feeling less sore and tired. It’s definitely true in my experience that the day after a hard workout (as in my 16 mile run), one should resist the temptation to just be sedentary, and instead do something easy that increases circulation and warms the body in order to speed healing.

It’s kind of funny to refer to an “easy” rep of doing a 36-floor stair climb, but in reality, after these months of gradual buildups, going up once at a leisurely pace is not actually hard for me at all any more. That’s encouraging.

The team was amused I did this in my dress shirt and slacks (I did take off my socks and shoes and jacket and carried them in my hands while going up), but this is, after all, how I got started just before New Year!

Six days left

There are only six more days left till the Fight for Air Climb. I haven’t trained as much for this event as I would have liked, because my priority has been Pittsburgh Marathon training, but at some point this week I need to do some last-minute speed work in order to get at least some race sharpness for the Fight for Air Climb.

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