My end-of-summer vegetable medley recipe

Franklin's end-of-summer vegetable medley

I whipped up what I’ll call my “end-of-summer vegetable medley” (since summer is basically over now), using ingredients we happened to have on hand, from Kretschmann Farm as well as from Abby’s parents.





Green pepper: slice into strips.

Green zucchini: slice into thin coins.

Yellow zucchini: slice into thin coins.

Tomato: slice thinly.

Garlic: crush and mince a large clove (or more if you prefer).

Cilantro: chop up a bunch of fresh cilantro.


Once the ingredients are ready, the rest only takes a few minutes at high heat.

Heat the oil in the skillet to high heat. When the skillet is ready, put the green pepper and zucchinis into the skillet and toss/stir to coat with oil. Then add the seasoning mix and continue to toss/stir for a while.

When the vegetables look to be half done (to your liking; I prefer them to retain some bite rather than be soggy), add the tomato and garlic and continue to toss.

When everything is almost done, add the cilantro and toss/stir briefly, then turn off the heat.

Add extra virgin olive oil.


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