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Win Ugly or Lose Pretty: Do You Agree?

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I read a juicy article Hard-Nosed Advice From Veteran Lobbyist: “Win Ugly or Lose Pretty” that exposed a speech by a political consultant, Rick Berman, that remarkably, offended one of the participants enough to cause a leak to the public.

The full transcript is here

If you love preserving your independence of mind, get angry when secretly manipulated, and want to learn a bunch of tricks of the trade, you’ll want to read the whole thing!

Here are some highlights I found worth making note of.

A Pretty Exploratory Fall Hike in Frick Park and Duck Hollow

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Abby and I hadn’t gone hiking for a while, because of schedules, but decided on a free Sunday afternoon to simply go for an exploratory hike in our local Frick Park, as we’ve done many times before. There’s never any shortage of ways to try something new. Lately, this has meant exploring narrow and hilly trails that mountain bikers use. We have to be careful on these to avoid a bike coming down out of nowhere!

We hiked about eight miles, starting with familiar territory but then entering the very strange!


I took a few photos along the way that you can check out.

Observing Constitution Day With “the Supreme Court and Privacy: The Fourth Amendment in the Digital Age”

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I have a habit of observing Constitution Day every year by attending a presentation at CMU and thinking about issues relating to the Constitution.

Last year (2013), I was too disheartened to observe Constitution Day but wrote a little bit about why.

This year, I returned because the topic for discussion sounded interesting: Mary Jo Miller gave a talk “The Supreme Court and Privacy: The Fourth Amendment in the Digital Age” in the Posner Center. (Miller is a Staff Attorney for the Pennsylvania State Education Association and an adjunct professor in Carnegie Mellon’s Social and Decision Sciences Department.)