Pittsburgh Recorder Society: 7-part Gabrieli and coconut chocolate cookies

Because so many people are now regularly attending the Pittsburgh Recorder Society monthly meetings, we have enough critical mass to work on larger ensemble pieces. Fred pulled out a 7-part Gabrieli piece for us from the 16th century. Fun! I look forward to continuing working on this in March.

We also continued work on other pieces we started earlier in the season. Fred’s guidance is as inspiring as ever. I feel that every meeting of our group is a wonderful opportunity to grow as a musician.

After going home I found a trumpet ensemble performance of the Gabrieli online:


People brought in snacks to share, as usual, for break time.

Helen made super-tasty-looking “cookies” (I asked if they counted as cookies, and she said yes). Coconut plus coconut plus homemade equals difficult to resist!!

According to my new rule, here are the three cookies I ate.

My first cookie

My second cookie

My third cookie

I stopped at three, which was a good thing, because after I went home, I did feel a little bloated. I should really have eaten only two, I think. I did take one home for Abby to enjoy.

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