Broccoli and friends

Today I saw an article about marketing broccoli and other vegetables.

By coincidence, I had this morning whipped up a vegetable dish in the kitchen that included some broccoli.

How my father got me to eat broccoli

Here’s the basic story of why I ate broccoli as a child and through adulthood.

I distinctly remember not really liking broccoli as a toddler of around two and a half to three years old (my childhood memories do not go earlier than age two and a half). I also remember a major turning point, after which I “happily” ate it.

My mother was unsuccessful in nagging me to eat my brocolli. It was when my father called broccoli florets “baby trees”. All of a sudden it seemed cool to eat them, as though I were a large beast swooping down from the sky (I liked trees and all my youthful drawings and watercolors included them; I have fond memories of sitting outside under a tree).

Simple vegetable medley

Broccoli and other vegetables

I used a wok, but for the volume, not at high heat.

Time: 25 minutes

Basically, I used what was at hand from our farm box subscription.

I still love to eat those florets as though I were a giant beast feasting on trees.

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