All India: great new Indian restaurant in Pittsburgh

I have a new favorite Indian restaurant in Pittsburgh: All India in Oakland on North Craig Street.

Being a fan of Indian food, I’ve tried basically all the Indian restaurants in the city for over a decade in Pittsburgh. Many are not worth mentioning at all. Some I have enjoyed to a degree, but none have really excited me.

Until now.

The relatively new All India is now my clear favorite. Recently, I went with some friends there for their lunch buffet, and it was great. A large selection, very fresh and tasty. Nice interior with pleasant furniture and settings.

I’m not really a restaurant reviewer, so I apologize for not being more specific.

I took Abby there for a dinner date tonight. Unfortunately, I accidentally cracked apart a tooth in a freak accident while on my second plate, so we had to leave early. But we will definitely go again.

My first plate, which I finished:

All India

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