The second meeting of the Pittsburgh Scala Meetup: Josh Suereth on functional patterns for the asynchronous Web

Tonight was the second meeting of the Pittsburgh Scala Meetup. It was our first “real” meeting, in the sense that our first meetup was just a little gathering in a bar, and this time, we were able to use a nice space in Revv Oakland to meet in.


A large number of people showed up, which was encouraging, indicating local Pittsburgh interest in Scala.


Josh Suereth gave the first presentation for the group, a version targeted more to novices of the talk he gave at NE Scala 2013, “Functional Programming Patterns for the Asynchronous Web”.

By the way, his NE Scala talk, which was constrained because it had be squeezed into 30 minutes and for a diverse audience, is available at the NE Scala site as both video and slides. I didn’t attend his talk when we went to NE Scala because he test-drove it with Jamie and me and I wanted to see people I didn’t already know, and different topics.


After the talk, there was general discussion.

We also brainstormed ideas for a group project. One of the ideas was to create a Web site using Play. Jamie created an initial GitHub repository for this.


It’s great that the Pittsburgh Scala Meetup is really getting off the ground now. Now that we have a space to use, hopefully we will begin a regularly occurring meeting. And of course, volunteers are needed to start giving talks!

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