NE Scala 2013: my first Scala conference!

I went to my first ever Scala conference, NE Scala, held in Philadelphia, with Josh and Jamie, as mentioned in my report on the very first Pittsburgh Scala meetup group meeting.

It was intense. Being a novice to Scala, most of the talks I attended covered stuff completely new to me.

I returned determined to dig deeper into the Scala ecosystem and use the language effectively.


Videos of the talks are available at this play list.

By the way, an episode of Scalawags was recorded live at NE Scala and does not appear in that play list. I was present and thought it was a very useful question and answer session.

(Update of 2014-01-16)

This is an unfinished post that is one of many in the past two years that lay unfinished because I had originally planned to write a very detailed report but never got around to it. I decided that I might as well release all these unfinished posts rather than leave them completely out of the record.

Meanwhile, almost a year later, I am still using Scala. I really did stop writing new Java code at work and switch to Scala.

NE Scala 2014 registration recently opened up; unfortunately, it is in New York City, far away, and space is limited, so I am not attending.

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