Attending J-Jam in Squirrel Hill but not playing music in it

February 10 2013 J-Jam flyer

Today in Dunkin’ Donuts in Squirrel Hill was another J-Jam of music. I’d performed in a J-Jam in October over three months ago, but did not perform or attend the J-Jam in December. This time, I again did not perform, but did attend with Abby to watch and listen.

The reason I did not perform is that I came back from a Scala conference just late yesterday night, so I was yet again too busy to meet up with Ben to prepare something to perform, and also even if we had something, I was not confident I would be up to performing just after coming home. I was right: I came home exhausted and slept in today before making it to J-Jam at all.


I was glad we did attend, however, because it’s so wonderful to see local musicians come together and have fun. As a reminder, this community event also serves as a fundraiser for the Squirrel Hill Food Pantry: donations are accepted at J-Jam.

Abby had to leave early, and I myself did not stay until the very end, but saw most of the performances, and left very happy. I hope that later this year I’ll perform in it again.

Thank you, Ben and Joel, for putting this together again!

(Update of 2013-03-03)

Check out a recent article in The Jewish Chronicle about the event, without a video clip.

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