A winter red cabbage slaw for the New Year

Happy New Year!

Red cabbage slaw

For a party, I used what was at hand at home to make something to share. I decided on a red cabbage slaw, after doing a Google search for ingredients and seeing some recipes. I didn’t follow any one recipe, but merged a couple of ideas. Since people seemed to eat up the cabbage slaw, and several complimented me on it and asked for the recipe, here it is:

Recipe for red cabbage slaw



Put all the prepared ingredients into a large bowl.

Mix the dressing into the bowl.

Cover and leave in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Stir again once or twice during that period to make sure everything is even.


Some recipes for cabbage slaw that I saw called for added sugar, but given the specific ingredients I chose, there was no need at all for extra sugar.

I chose some nuts that seemed to make sense. Other nuts could be used also, or left out if someone is allergic to nuts.

I could see dried cranberries being used instead of raisins.

Other substitutions are easy to imagine also; in fact, my recipe involved substitutions for ingredients in recipes I found online.


The red cabbage, Gold Rush apples, carrots, long beet happen to have come from our winter box subscription from Kretschmann Farm. Abby and I are really happy that they offer a winter box subscription as well as the regular season subscription, so that we can continue to get quality organic, local produce all year long.

Having a subscription not only allows us to eat seasonally, but also explore foods we may not necessarily have eaten much of or even seen before. For example, I like these long beets and Gold Rush apples.

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