Pittsburgh Geek Out Day #4: "Design"

Today was the fourth session held of Pittsburgh Geek Out Day. I enjoyed it, as I have all previous sessions of this unique local event.

Introduction to Pittsburgh Geek Out Day

Pittsburgh Geek Out Day was started earlier this year, with the first session being held on Saturday, April 2, 2011, in the morning. It was my very first Open Spaces event experience, and a truly profound one for me on multiple levels: I really enjoyed this format of sharing and learning from one another, and meeting people involved in software development (in one role or another, not necessarily as developer) passionate about what we do. (Recently, the Pittsburgh Java User Group had an experimental Open Spaces evening.)

Pittsburgh Geek Out Day completely changed my life, not only bringing me out of my social shell but also returning me to active engagement with a variety of software developers and just plain getting to know really interesting people. I have been really inspired and excited by this new community.

Other previous sessions

The second session was held on Saturday, May 21, 2011, also in the morning.

The third session was held on a Wednesday evening, August 10, 2011.

Summaries of the sessions

There has been some attempt to write up summaries of the Pittsburgh Geek Out Day sessions.

(Update of 2014-01-16)

This is an unfinished post that is one of many in the past two years that lay unfinished because I had originally planned to write a very detailed report but never got around to it. I decided that I might as well release all these unfinished posts rather than leave them completely out of the record.

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