What's a Nice Acorn Squash Like You Doing in a Pot of Spicy Lentils?

A nice acorn squash was sitting on the kitchen counter, lonely since arriving days ago from the farm.

When some lentils decided to soak in a bowl next to her on the counter, she decided she wanted to join them. Next thing she knew, there was a whole party gathering!

Ingredients for lentil acorn squash soup

Trying to use up various ingredients from Kretschmann Farm, the CSA we’ve been subscribing to for years now, I searched the web for ideas, of course.

We always have a lot of legumes on hand to us (bought in bulk), especially lentils, so I found a simple recipe, and modified the recipe slightly to make a large batch of soup. We had some for dinner, and will have it for many more meals (we typically freeze some stuff for later when making big batches like this one).

The acorn squash and the carrots came from Kretschmann. The soup was not vegetarian, since we used a jar of homemade chicken broth from the batch that we had created after roasting a whole chicken (from our subscription to Misera Farm through Kretschmann) and using the leftover bones, etc.


Cooked lentil acorn squash soup

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