My progress so far on my cookie quota system

Abby and I went to an annual (secular) Easter party hosted by Lynette and Jim. In the past, I’ve often ended up all sleepy and sluggish at these parties. My experience this time was a bit different different. OK, we were all still quite well-fed, and I got tired, but far less so this time. I definitely believe it is because of my cookie quota system.

I limited myself to just three “cookies” (Jim repeatedly teased me for my explanation that cake counts as cookie). This meant skipping out on trying a couple of desserts, because there were far more than three options. In the past, I would try a bit of everything, and that always ended up being too much, even if I took what I considered to be a small portion.

Some kind of tart:

Birthday cake:


I also did not eat any bread rolls, and limited my potato intake at Easter dinner. And I drank no wine. All this helped me.

Maybe it’s time for me to go down from three to two “cookies”. I will consider this. Also, maybe I should start counting ice cream and candy as “cookies” as well. I do regret eating one Lindt “chocolate carrot” that in retrospect I did not really need to eat. (I did not eat any ice cream at this party, however.)

Lindt chocolate carrot

Other than quitting something cold turkey, do you have a working system for reducing your consumption of desserts that you know are not so healthy for you? What makes your system work? Do you have an incremental reduction plan like mine, and self-punishment such as promising to post individual photos online of what you eat?

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