A note on running in warm weather

I haven’t been running much at all in recent months; actually, I barely ran all winter, in contrast to last winter.

Since it’s warmer now, I no longer have an excuse. I went out for a short run in Frick Park late in the afternoon, when it was warm and sunny, probably around 80 degrees F.

I had a really tough time out there, going less than three miles before I turned around and started walking home. I know from prior experience that after not running much, I have to ramp up slowly, but in this case, the suddenly warm weather (after months of a seemingly endless winter) took a toll on me. So I’d like to remind anyone else coming out of “hibernation” not to feel discouraged if feeling unfit: just do a little bit of running at a time, hydrate (I was grateful that the water fountains in the park are operational), and be patient! If I didn’t know any better, I would be feeling quite discouraged after my excursion today.

I treated myself to some cookies after my run. These are cookies I saved from an event at work last week, specifically for only after hiking or running. I would not eat these unremarkable cookies otherwise!

Cookie 1

Cookie 2


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