Cold but pretty winter hike in Wingfield Pines

Less than three weeks ago, Abby and I went on a great hike in Boyce-Mayview Park in Upper St. Clair, led by Gary Byrdman.

Today we went on another hike with Gary, very close to the Boyce-Mayview Park, but in a neighboring park, the Wingfield Pines.


It was a beautiful day, clear sky.

But it was pretty freaking cold, hovering around 10F, I think, maybe a bit higher. I was slightly underdressed, and paid the price. I should have worn my thicker gloves and also long underwear. After getting home, it took a long time for my body to return to normal. The problem is that in previous winters of my life, I have not gone out hiking when the temperature is below 20F, so this was a first for me. Now I know better what I need to wear.

Wingfield Pines

About the park

We parked across the street from the park entrance because the parking area at the entrance is pretty small. Across the street is a large parking lot for the community center.

There were just six of us braving the cold for this hike. Gary and others being locals, told us a lot about the history of the park. It was really fascinating. The land has undergone many changes of ownership and restoration over the years. I looked online after the hike and found useful information.

The land is currently owned by the Allegheny Land Trust and here is the official site of the area.

We had a leisurely hike, going about five miles in two and a half hours, stopping often to check out the sights. One of us brought her dog along. She lives nearby and walks her dog twice a day here! What she really loves is that it’s officially a legal off-leash area for dogs. So this place is great for dog lovers who want their dogs to truly get their exercise! We bumped into some happy-looking dogs and their owners during the hike.

The water treatment system is pretty interesting.


I didn’t take many photos because every time I took off my gloves to be able to use my phone camera, my fingers got super cold, so I gave up.

But photos some others of us took are available here. Julie took particularly detailed and beautiful photos of cardinals, bluebirds, woodpeckers, and ducks that we saw.

Coming back in spring and summer

Abby and I will definitely come back in spring and summer. The park is lovely in winter, but it will be even more gorgeous in spring and summer, quite obviously.

To get an idea of what the place is like when it’s not winter, here is a sample link I found to local coverage.

A video:


Check out Wingfield Pines, in Upper St. Clair. It’s less than a half-hour drive from Pittsburgh. It’s beautiful.

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