World Chess Championship 2013 round 8: the most boring game in the match so far

In my continuing coverage of the World Chess Championship between Anand and Carlsen, today I cover round eight, in which apparently Carlsen took a break by playing safe for a quiet draw.

Game and notes below:


As White, Carlsen played e4 for the first time in the match. Anand countered with the Berlin Defense. Unfortunately, all hope that an interesting game with colors reversed from usual were dashed at move 5, which was implicitly a draw offer by Carlsen. Re1 is a completely harmless reply against the Berlin Defense, and leads to a lifeless position in which usually a series of trades leads to a drawn position.

Sure enough, Carlsen basically forced the draw quickly thereafter.

A total snorefest.

The state of the match

Carlsen has every right to play for a draw and win the match based on his two-point lead. If Anand had been ready to fight for a win at all costs, he would not have played the Berlin Defense; he could have played the Sicilian instead, for example. I hope I’m wrong, but it’s looking like Anand may be going down without a fight, in fear of losing another game in the match.

The game

Move comment:

Side to move:

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