Steel City Ukuleles: back to plain good fun, including the cups song

It’s been over a week since I performed as part of the Steel City Ukuleles in the Wilkins School Community Center Ecofest. I was very relieved to have no more self-imposed performance obligations for a while, feeling burned out for a while, to tell the truth. But I was ready to get back into playing just for fun.

Members’ choice!

We had a fun session this week in which all of us had earlier been invited to submit music we personally wanted to play. I had submitted “Mister Sandman”, a song I’ve loved since (amusingly) first hearing it when watching “Back to the Future” way back. I was really excited to finally be singing it and playing it with others.

We did various other member-contributed selections also, including a “Cups” song that apparently has become all the craze because of moving cups around as part of percussion! Three of us had practiced ahead of time to play the cups. I have to say I was impressed:


Rubber Duckie

We went over “Rubber Duckie” again. I love this song. I’m getting better at singing and strumming it simultaneously.


I finally bought a cheap kazoo for use in the future (several of us used kazoos in the Ecofest performance, but I did not have a kazoo at the time), as Jack got a whole bunch to sell to us:



I enjoyed getting back to just plain fun with singing and playing ukulele, with no more performances in the near future that I’ve volunteered to be a part of.

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