Rubber Duckie and Steel City Ukuleles rehearsal

This week’s Wednesday meeting of the Steel City Ukuleles was an unusual one: it was split into two halves, the first half being our regular meeting (involving going through a new playlist), the second half being the second of three rehearsals for the Ecofest gig. The deal was that everyone was open to stick around for the rehearsal if they wanted to, but with the caveat that it was serious rehearsal time, rather than the more casual regular meetup atmosphere. It turned out that a few people who were not performing in the Ecofest gig did stick around, although most others left.

Sunny was not present, so Amber took charge of this meetup session.

Rubber Duckie

I enjoyed learning some new songs in the first half.

One slightly crazy thing we tried was running through “Rubber Duckie”, which I had actually suggested to Sunny in email for the playlist for the next meetup, but apparently others had also suggested, for obvious reasons here in Pittsburgh.

This song is hard, with a lot of chord changes. I would like to actually master it and play it solo for Abby before Pittsburgh’s rubber duck leaves.


The rehearsal was intense, but we managed to cover the rest of the songs we are to play in the Ecofest gig three days (!!) from now. A lot of homework for me to do, just as I have been doing with the first half of the program.

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