I miss playing chess at the Pittsburgh Chess Club

I haven’t played in any chess tournaments since winning this year’s Pittsburgh Chess Club Championship: I had too many other projects I wanted to work on.

But I’ve been missing chess in the past week or so. I can tell because I’ve been playing chess against myself in daydreams. I think I need to start playing again.

I stopped by the Pittsburgh Chess Club to check out the action. Henry was playing against Ed Dean; I wanted to say hello, but he didn’t even see me during the several minutes I was present watching people’s games. He was so focused and deep in thought, never looking up!

Dean-Doktorski chess game

(Update of 2013-07-31)

Henry actually ended up winning the game, in a big upset!

It’s funny, he’s beaten Ed Dean twice now, while I have never beaten Ed, and Henry has never beaten me.

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