Finally moving up from two to three Cathedral of Learning reps

It’s been over a week since my last Cathedral of Learning stair climb, which I did with other members of Team Ferlee. Apart from being very busy generally, I’ve been focusing on getting my Pittsburgh Marathon training going.

But today after work I had some time to squeeze in a stair climb workout. I ended up finally going to three full reps! The reason I felt ready to do this was that I have started to find it easier to recover from two reps, and also I have found ways to reduce my boredom, by really getting deep into monitoring the physical sensations of stair climbing: not only the details of efficiently lifting my leg and pushing up, but also even how to make turns effectively. I appreciate the subtleties of stair climbing much more than I did when I started out. So I am now mentally prepared to do more than two reps.

My times

I was very conservative in going slower than usual and taking a fairly long recovery, but my goal was to get in three solid reps, with the final rep being fastest. Also, having just run a 5K race yesterday, technically today was supposed to be an “easy” workout day.


Doing three reps of the Cathedral stair climb wasn’t too bad. I can see myself doing the reps faster and with less recovery time in the future.

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