The first Steel City Ruby Conf: an amazing experience

(Updated 2012-08-22)

Last Friday and Saturday, I attended the intense new local tech conference in Pittsburgh, the first Steel City Ruby Conference.

It was one of the most amazing, unusual experiences in my entire life.

I’ll write up more about this conference in a week or two, as I have a lot to do right now.

For now, I’m just announcing that I have been inspired to plan to do many things I’ve never done before. One of these many things is to finally give a talk at the local Pittsburgh Ruby group, after almost two years of lurking there.

It’s time for me to contribute by doing more than showing up the meetings and sometimes asking questions and participating in discussions. It’s time to be more active. So I’ve committed to giving a talk on Thursday, September 6, 2012. I still don’t know all the details, but I have decided that the topic will be nil, and I will approach the topic through historical, theoretical, comparative, philosophical, and practical points of view.

I’ll give more details later this month.

Update of 2012-08-22

Here is part 1 of my review of Steel City Ruby Conf.

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