Pinterest confuses me

At some point some months ago I signed up for Pinterest, just because. I never used my account, but have been receiving notifications that people are following me. I presume this is happening through Facebook or Twitter contact lists. I have still never used my account. I have not yet looked at a single item on Pinterest, nor have I posted anything. So I am baffled by the Pinterest phenomenon.

I suppose this reflects my general disinterest in visual objects. I’m not particularly interested in art, for example, or photography. I do not customize my computer Desktop, and I do not put up posters or paintings or any other decorations at home or at work. I accept all the default colors of every computer program I use. I wear only a few basic colors of clothing, and am completely uninterested in clothing style. I don’t really care what color my car is or what its shape is; to me a car is just an abstract data type that has properties such as efficiency, safety, and methods such as “drive” and “park”.

When I’m outside, I like best to look at what are not discrete objects. I love looking at the sky, at clouds, at an entire line of forest. I like to see sand on a beach, and the waves, the curvature of the horizon. I like even more to close my eyes and hear the wind, hear the water, hear the birds. I like to close my eyes when listening to music intently at a concert.

I wonder how many people are like me and don’t take to Pinterest at all. Just curious.

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