What topics do you want me to write about in 2012?

It has not yet been three months since I started this blog. I have managed to post something every single day since I started, apart from my decision over a month ago to take Saturday off. Now that I’ve proved to myself that I can maintain the habit, I’m going to take a break (coinciding with the winter holidays), reflect more deeply on where my blog has explored, and plan out and implement some major changes and improvements.

I strongly believe that content is king. This is why I have deliberately focused entirely on content in the past three months, rather than on format, tone, and style, even when I became increasingly aware of areas of improvement outside the area of content. I will work on those other areas for 2012.

Meanwhile, I would like to improve the content as well, by making it more useful to you. I am listing here just a few of the broad topic ideas I expect to address in future posts (many of the topic areas have already appeared in the past three months, while others have not).

What do you want to read here?

If there are topics on this list (or not on this list) you are particularly interested in reading about here, let me know; I will take all requests seriously!

The list, roughly organized by topic but not in any particular order (and by no means exhaustive):








Software development

Book reviews






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