When I'm feeling too tired to venture out, there's always Frick Park

Because of the rain forecast and fatigue (I had a tough week), Abby and I ended up not venturing out of the city of Pittsburgh for a hike yesterday. But this afternoon, things seemed to clear up enough that we went for a hike in our local Frick Park. It was a bit chilly actually, so we wore raincoats and also I wore a hat in gloves (yes, it’s May).

It’s been a real blessing that Frick Park is so close to where we live, because that means we have no excuse not to go out into nature and to get some exercise, even if time or energy means we can’t do something more adventurous. Fact is, I took Abby around a bunch of trails that she had not yet explored, so there is no shortage of novelty in Frick Park itself! We were out for almost three hours. I led Abby to the network of trails by Nine Mile Run, then backtracked and went north of Fern Hollow, going up Tranquil Trail and branching off, before coming back down, and then back up toward home.

Do you have a local favorite hangout (in nature or otherwise) that provides comfort and stimulation when you want to get out of the home but don’t want to go too far? How do you keep your experiences there interesting?

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