A few sights from the Iron Grate Trail in Frick Park

Abby and I did a leisurely hike in Frick Park near home, exploring a trail that I don’t usually run on, the Iron Grate Trail, because it is a favorite trail for mountain bikers, and therefore tends to have muddy ruts that are not so pleasant for pedestrians, and also someone on a mountain bike could always come out of nowhere. But we were careful to keep our eyes and ears open, and share the trail, yielding to mountain bikers when perceiving them coming along.

An advantage of occasionally checking out these trails is simply that they are quieter, in terms of fewer pedestrians and dogs, and also, you get to see parts of the park that you wouldn’t otherwise see.

The Iron Grate Trail briefly became infamous in the local news a year ago because of reports of a “hatchet-wielding” person attacking someone on the trail, but I think that was an isolated incident.


Here’s an amusing photo I took of Abby finding a hiding place along the trail:

Abby hiding in a tree

I didn’t take any photos of the new-looking signs reading “Iron Grate Trail” that we saw, but I just found out that they were put up just days ago thanks to volunteers for the Pittsburgh Trail Advocacy Group. We did notice that the trail showed other evidence of having been maintained recently. Very nice work and thank you!

We also saw some chickens running around in someone’s back yard, from a section of the trail behind a residential area.


Here is a random video I found of someone riding into and along the Iron Grate Trail:

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