Celebrating the Lunar New Year at Tram's Kitchen

Welcome to the year of the horse!

Although Abby and I don’t regularly celebrate Lunar New Year (most prominently called Chinese New Year), I figured that we might as well do something this time around, by going out to eat Asian food.



Since it was warm out (over 40 degrees Fahrenheit!), I decided we should go out for an urban hike and end with a meal. We drove to Lawrenceville, where I planned for us to check out a Thai place we hadn’t been to before, Pusadee’s Garden.

We walked around a bit, and saw a strange amount of abandoned footwear. Some samples:


When we went to Pusadee’s Garden, we found that the place was closed for vacation (I think it’s time to remember to call a restaurant before going out to it)! So we came up with an alternate plan and went to Tram’s Kitchen, which I’ve gone to periodically since moving to Pittsburgh over fifteen years ago, when it was the only Vietnamese place in town (there are more now, some of which we’ve sampled). It’s a hole-in-the-wall place that still doesn’t have its own Web site!

We shared a pho (noodle soup) and a large vegetable/meat appetizer. Filling and pretty good.




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