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I went to a French potluck dance party at Lisa’s. For the first time, I attended without Abby, because she was up at SNPJ for an international folk dance camp; actually, we had a fairly low turnout (I counted fourteen people) because some others who would have come to the potluck are at the camp with her!

It’s been months since I was involved with French dance or music, because I gave all that up temporarily in order to focus on learning ukulele starting less than two months ago.

The last French potluck dance party I attended was almost four months ago. I really love this informal


I made a huge batch of vegetables for the potluck.

My simple recipe:


Here’s a photo of some dancing in action.

I did not actually do much dancing this evening at all, because of my slow recovery from a really bad injury from a week ago. I only did one dance. My left arm, left hip, and right knee are in constant pain.

I did join John by playing flute along with him on button accordion. By the way, he’s planning to order a new one with more rows and more keys to play in.

There were not enough women tonight for pairing up. It was joked that this is a “Pittsburgh problem”, because usually when it comes to dancing, there are not enough men!


Although I could not really dance tonight, I appreciated the opportunity to socialize and make music, and not feel so lonely at home alone while Abby was out of town!

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