Pittsburgh OvreArts concert "Art songs and interludes"

I heard about a free community concert by a local Pittsburgh music group called OvreArts and decided to check it out, since it promised to perform new works. Abby came along. The program was called “Art songs and interludes”.

Here’s a video prelude to the concert:

And some words from the young composers:

The concert

I have a confession to make. I’m not generally so interested in songs, as opposed to purely instrumental music. So I got fatigued by the program of one short work after another.

Also, much of the music had a sacred setting. Outside of that, there were love songs of a largely gentle nature.

It was unusual to me to encounter music that had an “old-fashioned” feel to it from such young composers, but this is apparently part of the united mission of the OvreArts group. I respect their philosophical and musical convictions, but I found the program for this particular concert to be too sedate and not stimulating enough for my taste.

Other work

To be fair, I looked online to see more about previous work of OvreArts and it seems that I would have enjoyed attending a live performance of a ballet by composers of OvreArts, such as “Infinity”. I found this excerpt definitely stimulating:

I will keep an eye out for new music by OvreArts composers, now that it’s on my radar.

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