Report on CMU Baroque Ensemble concert, with Stephen Schultz on Baroque flute

I attended a free concert of the CMU Baroque Ensemble concert for the second time.

My first time, several months ago, I enjoyed as my main attraction Bach’s Brandenburg concerto no. 2; this time, although the Brandenburg concerto no. 3 was performed, it was not the main draw for me.

What I really looked forward to was simply seeing Stephen Schultz playing Baroque flute (amplified), premiering a new piece by Nancy Galbraith, “Effervescent Air”. I had never seen him playing Baroque flute before, other than a demo of a few seconds when I was taking his course “Survey of Western Musical History” in 2006. That was actually the very first time I had ever seen a Baroque flute, and the first time I learned that anyone still played this instrument.

Stephen Schulz

I enjoyed the concert. The standard Baroque pieces were performed with energy, and the newly composed piece for electric, amplified Baroque flute and piano, with orchestra, was a pleasant, fluttery soundscape, with some lovely textures as well as special echo effects.

You can listen to “Effervescent Air” here:

I look forward to hearing more new music composed for Baroque flute in future CMU Baroque Ensemble concerts!

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