I decided to resign myself to continue voting

My voter receipt 2012

Last year I wondered aloud about the act of voting, being unsure about how to justify my annual participation in this ritual.

This being a presidential election, avoiding getting sucked in is a perpetual chore, given that it is impossible for me to completely avoid people’s political pontifications on their blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.

I even had to stay home from work in order to avoid politicians annoyingly disrupting the workplace.

My conclusion was that, for me, the only rational response (that didn’t result in my getting frustrated and angry, which seems the tone of most of the politics-related chatter I see on social media) is to spend as little time as possible on politics, spend the evening before an election to do some research, and then go out and vote for the “lesser evil” for each race (yes, it’s not just about President, and in fact, local races are the ones in which voting is most likely to make a difference).

So last night, I held my nose, read up on various PA state candidates, made my choices, and this morning I went and voted. And now I’m going to simply proceed with my day. I’m not going to follow any election news coverage whatsoever. Instead, I’m going to try to get stuff done.

Oh, and whoever wins in each of these races, please go and do your job for us the best you can. Get stuff done. Stop blabbering lies and promises.

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