PodCamp Pittsburgh 7: review

This year, I attended the two-day PodCamp Pittsburgh yet again, for my third year in a row (and this is the seventh year of its existence). (I wrote a little bit about last year’s PodCamp Pittsburgh (6) here.)

This year’s theme was “Build your digital toolbox”.

This year, I got Abby to come with me to part of it to see what it was about, since I had raved about 5 and 6.

The emphasis of PodCamp Pittsburgh has been changing with time. I noticed that in the session descriptions. The previous two years had more of a personal focus while now, there is a lot of business interest. Still, I found useful advice while attending this year.

Videos from PodCamp Pittsburgh 7 are available here.

(Update of 2014-01-16)

This is an unfinished post that is one of many in the past two years that lay unfinished because I had originally planned to write a very detailed report but never got around to it. I decided that I might as well release all these unfinished posts rather than leave them completely out of the record.

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