Happy Programmers' Day!

Happy Programmers’ Day!

I only by accident found out that today was Programmers’ Day. It is apparently observed the 256th day of each year. This is my first year of “observing” the day.

Since the day is almost over, I hurriedly came up with this little piece of code. Guess what it does?

{% codeblock Mystery Ruby lang:ruby http://github.com/FranklinChen/programmers-day/blob/master/ruby/mystery.rb %} require_relative ‘utils’

class Mystery attr_reader :mysterious end {% endcodeblock %}

The trick, of course, lies in what we have in utils.rb:

class Class
  alias orig_attr_reader attr_reader

  def attr_reader(*args)
    args.each do |arg|
      if arg == :mysterious
        puts "Happy Programmers' Day!"


Very simple, nothing fancy, but perverse enough for a bit of Programmers’ Day fun.

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