Today is Bill of Rights Day, the irony!

Actual copy of the US Constitution at Carnegie Mellon University

Today, in the United States, is December 15, Bill of Rights Day, the day in 1791 when the new nation of the United States amended its Constitution by adding the “bill of rights” in order to address the concerns of those who feared that the Constitution as proposed without the amendments did not sufficiently protect Americans’ rights.

Unfortunately, today is also the day on which the House is voting on the “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA). SOPA, in the name of protecting copyright, gives the government tremendous powers that amount to suppression of free speech and censorship of the Internet.

Shame, shame on Congress and on the special interests and lobbyists supporting SOPA!

If you are an American, do you know your rights? If you are not an American, how well do you feel we are doing in the United States protecting our rights?

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